SBA Loans

Posted by John F. Craven CPA LLC on  December 13, 2019
Many startup businesses fail. A key reason for failure is the lack of working and investment capital. How much capital do you need to start a business and where and how does the startup entrepreneur obtain funds to start a business? Some entrepreneurs start businesses with capital from friends and
In January of 2018, Meredith Corporation acquired Time Inc., the publisher of People, Time, Fortune, and many other magazines. The purchase price was $2.8 billion. The expectation was that this acquisition would bring substantial profits to Meredith. This has not been the case. There are at least 10 law firms that
Cryptocurrency investing is both “cool’ and “hot.”. It is a type of digital asset that is traded online. There have been wide fluctuations in value, and this means it is an attractive investment for traders and other investors. But did you know that a transaction with cryptocurrency (Bitcoin for example)
Tax planning
It is not too late to reduce your 2013 income taxes The IRS continues to focus their audit activities in key small business areas. The wize small  business owner is well advised to be able to defend the following five areas to keep the IRS at a comfortable distance: •
If you experience identity theft, you will begin to feel the confusion and strain that comes with trying to recover your good name and pilfered finances. Identity theft is a real and growing concern for everyone; remain alert and prepare before it happens. We have put together some ways to

104 Tax Deductions

Posted by John F. Craven CPA LLC on  February 10, 2016
A question for Self-employed Freelancers, Writers, Photographers and consultants:  Have you taken all your legitimate tax write-offs? There are a growing number of self-employed freelancers, consultants, writers, photographers and even entertainers.  If so, you are a self-employed entrepreneur and you are treated for tax purposes as being a business in most
A common belief of identity theft is that it occurs mostly to individuals, for example when social security numbers and other personal information are obtained. Businesses are also subject to identity impersonation. The remainder of this article discusses business e-mail scams and the best practices for minimizing their likelihood as

Summer Time Tax Tips

Posted by John F. Craven CPA LLC on  May 27, 2015
It’s getting hot outside, and you probably don’t want to think about tax planning.  But we have put together some summer tax tips so that you can get the most out of your 2015 return. Before you head off to the beach, please take a look below at what we
The breakeven point in your business is where all direct and indirect costs have been met. You are neither making nor losing any money. The breakeven point can be measured in number of units sold, dollars of total sales, or possibly hours billed out. The calculation of the breakeven point

Preventing Employee Fraud

Posted by John F. Craven CPA LLC on  May 13, 2015
As an entrepreneur, you work hard for your money. There is almost nothing worse than experiencing pilferage, embezzlement, and other types of misappropriation. Internal controls are extremely important to the entrepreneurial company. We have put together a guide that contains 10 steps to help you protect the earnings and assets of your