Are you paying too much in Income Taxes?


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Calling all Self-employed Freelancers, Consultants and Entertainers Who Want to Pay the Lowest Legal Income Taxes

Have you taken all of the allowable tax write offs. Are you a media freelancer, internet consultant, independent media consultant, entertainer, (for example, a 1099 staffer who operates as a sole practioner or LLC)? If so, you are a media entrepreneur and you are treated for tax purposes as being a business. Most of the costs of your business are tax deductible.

We want to help you avoid losing legitimate tax deductions and make sure that you pay the lowest possible income taxes. We have put together the attached whitepaper: “104 Tax Deductions: A guide for for the Self-employed Freelancer, Entertainers and Independent Contractor.”

Whether you do your own tax return or use the services of a CPA firm, our “104 Tax Deductions” will help you:

  • Maximize your legitimate tax deductions.
  • Help you pay the lowest income taxes.
  • Help you determine the backup receipts and records that you need to keep.

We love to work with startup media entrepreneurs and freelancers. Our fees are competitive and we will gladly give you a fee quote over the telephone. Please call us at 212-605-0276.

Please complete the information to the right and you will obtain a download of our guide “104 Tax Deductions: A guide for the Self-employed Freelancer, Entertainers and Independent Contractor.”

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